An Interactive Distance Learning Technology to Create a Virtual NYC Museums Pass

New York Museums’ Virtual Pass

A Teacher’s Passion Transfers into Students Love for Learning!

Admiration is simply one of many words we can express with gratitude, for teachers with a passion to create, in order to efficiently transter the information to his/her students.  A teacher asked: What would be the best resource for students to virtually visit two of New York best museums. My answer would probably be  Adobe Captivate 8.  Indeed, with Adobe Captivate 8 you can create a amazing interactive learning tool that would enrich the learners education. With Adobe Captivate 8 teachers can add their favorite photos of exhibitions on both museums learning tool.  After each section, using Captivate already integrated games and quizes, teachers can determine how much information was transfered by collecting quizes and games results.

After virtually visiting both museums, by visiting the links added on this blog, students can be divided in groups of five.  Each group would critique a work of art.  For students to be able to interact with museum curators, an Adobe Connect communication would have to be set up for video teleconferencing with the museum.  Both museums, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Natural Museum of Art are rich in history, art and resources that kids would love to learn about

Jacqueline A. Solano

EDUC 6135  Week 3 Application

NYC Natural Museum of ArtExihibit 1metropolitan-museum-of-art-754843_1280


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